About the Artist

YSANEL is an Afro-Carribean painter, poet, public artist, educator and activist based in Providence, Rhode Island. She grew up in the South Side of Providence alongside a large population of people from Dominican Republic, where both of her parents were born and where most of her is family is from.

Lucky for her, Providence was (and still is) entirely a melting pot of different diasporas so she learned arts & culture through both a personal and collaborative lens. She developed a voice for justice, especially racial justice and anti gun violence movements. Eventually her interdisciplinary work began to soar from public art to music, and from sculpture to theatre.Today, she experiments with a personal collection about her identity that she hopes to share in the Fall/Winter Season of 2021.

YSANEL performed as a background for Spike Lee’s Netflix Film called“She’s Gotta Have It”. One of her most known Public Art projects is a series of portraits on outdoor utility boxes of some inspirational women for a female empowerment project that was eventually featured in Providence Monthly’s August 2019 issue calledThe Faces of Street Art. In Early 2017, the City of Providence also awarded her the Public Art Fellowship, which backs up her newly gained knowledge in public art.